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  • Financial Services Gain From Cool Website Design

    In todays market economy the way an organisation is perceived online effects it financial position. As the old saying goes perception is reality. People buy with their eyes when online. They see the corporate identity that is offered to them via the business as a tool to qualify the professionalism of the organisation and also gage how big and important the organisation is at the same time. Many organisations spend millions of dollars on Advertising agency that create the brands that we see around the big part of town and online.

    One great example of this in action are many of the big banking institutes who provide business loans in Australia they tend to allocate large budgets to their corporate identity. In particular their website that acts as a central pillar of their business out reach strategies. Setting up a cool looking website that is responsive and that works on a large variety of mobile devices is paramount to the acquiring of new customers. Also websites these days need to run really fast due to the small window of opportunity businesses have to capture the prospects attention.

    Very few businesses get their website presence right, however the ones that do are destined to gain from the spoils that the internet provides access too.

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  • Nightlife Websites Connecting Globally In Anti-Sexual Slavery Campaign


    Sexual slavery is the exploitation of people for the purpose of forced sex work. This modern form of slavery is a global problem, there is an estimated 4.5 million people trapped in forced sexual exploitation according to International Labor Organization. Sex slaves fall victim because of violence, threats, debt bondage, lies and other forms of coercion to compel victims to engage in commercial sex acts against their will. Others are tempted with false promises of a job, such as modelling, acting or dancing. Some are forced into commercial sex by their parents or other father family members. Some victims become romantically involved with people who forces or manipulates them in slavery. They may be involved this situation for a few days or weeks, while some remains in the same situation for years. Some of the reasons that keep people in sexual slavery are fear for their life or love ones, others for material gain and the lifestyle that comes with it.

    Sexual slavery not only happen in faraway places like Asia, Africa or Eastern Europe but it happens everywhere. Women make up the largest group of sex slavery victims, followed by youths, and a small percentage of men and boys. The average age of girl victims is 12 to 14. Boys and transgender youth often fall victim between the ages of 11 and 13 on average. Commercial sexual exploitation occurs in a range of venues including massage parlours, spa, residential brothels, escort services, strip clubs, hotels, motels and truck stops. Some sexual slavery is highly visible such as the case of street prostitution  but many remain unseen, operating out of illegal brothels located in unsuspecting neighbourhood.

    The adult industry is at risk for exploitation by the growing business of organized crime. Adult industry workers are the primary target of sexual slavery because of the nature of their job. Victims of sexual slavery are often found working in the adult industry establishments that offer commercial sex such as strip clubs, bars, brothels and pornography production houses operating in the guise of massage parlours, escort services, modelling studios, spas or adult bookstores.

    Michael Ocello, owner of several adult nightclubs founded COAST Club Owners Against Sex Trafficking) to help stop sex trafficking by educating people to recognize sex slavery victim. A number of New York escorts decided to follow suit and work together to help stop sexual slavery. This inspired nightlife websites to connect globally in anti-sexual slavery campaign. Escorts, adult agencies, porn stars, brothels and strippers from around the world are joining together in an effort to try to reduce sexual slavery in the adult industry. To ensure the success of this undertaking, adult industry stakeholders like Perth brothels working together in unity to attain this global objective is important. Visibility is also vital since sexual slavery is illegal and hidden from view. It is imperative to employ the help of trained professionals to work behind the scenes to address the many root cause of the problem – such as poverty, gender inequality, corruption and political will to implement solutions.

    SoroptimistPolaris Project,  BEST Employers Alliance, Breaking Free and Pandora’s Project are just some of the movements that aim to eradicate sexual slavery and human trafficking. Sexual slavery movements like these are pushing hard to make every effort to persuade the world that sexual slavery can be eradicated. There are different strategy used by each organisation but all of them are making substantial progress in ending sexual slavery and human trafficking.

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  • Furniture Store Marketing: SEO Is The Key

    Furniture companies are slowly catching up with the latest innovation and trends found today shifting their attention towards the online community. This is quite apparent especially when you look at furniture stores who have integrated their services over the internet. This results to a need to market furniture store through digital means. Many found SEO to play quite a huge role in promoting their services making them very much sought after today.

    SEO does indeed contribute greatly in making a wide variety of products visible to online users and the same can also be said with regards to the furniture industry. Look up TV Entertainment units over the internet is made fairly easy producing the much needed results in just a couple of seconds. There is much to do for companies to effectively draw out the SEO’s full potential and as such certain SEO strategies exists to help them with their endeavors. Fortunately, SEO tips for furniture product pages are available today which strategies such as focusing on your geographic region. It also introduces the need for product pages to contain substantive content which in turn garner more attention, optimize descriptions to make them more valuable and relevant to your audience. There is also the option to optimize descriptions in an effort to make them more valuable and relevant to the interest and needs of your audience which in turn will result in greatly helping improve one’s page rank.

    SEO page for Furniture Stores also include focus with on-page SEO which is something a number of companies have taken for granted. This aspect includes fundamental elements such as Informative, easy-to-read text, Easy-to-read URLs, Informative title tags as well as Helpful visuals to keep your page more interesting and engaging to your target audience. It is also good to hear that in the present there exists tools companies and business owner can use to further improve upon their online business practice.  3 Tools to help with SEO & Market Validity of your Business consists of the ability to research search volumes with the Google Keyword Planner, the option to study trends with Google Trends as well as the power to scope out the competition via Google Search.

    There are a few SEO guidelines companies can follow without the help of specialists. For instance, the idea behind that consumer always comes first, not becoming absorbed in SEO analysis of your competitors, developing a formula for your product titles and many more. All of this information can be accessed right from the get go making it relatively easy for companies to make use of such knowledge.

    Aside from readily available resources found in the internet today, companies can also benefit greatly with the services marketing agencies provide. Working hand in hand with these companies prove to be quite beneficial as these individuals are able to provide timely as well as relevant information businesses can use to keep the interest of their target audience high and intact. SEO has indeed proven itself effective in marketing furniture industry. More and more online users are leaning towards the use of search engine websites when looking up furniture online. As such, there is no reason for online companies to not implement SEO marketing approach for their business today.

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  • Marketing To Asian Audiences via Social Media


    Social media has been steadily growing in popularity having an active fan base comprising of millions of people all over the world. Social media is used on a regular day to day basis and as such, companies find this a perfect opportunity to promote and market their business on this particular platform. This is quite apparent with many companies shifting their attention towards the social media aspect of their business. How can social media be used in creative ways to appeal to different Asian people from all different nationalities?

    First off, Southeast Asia is considered to be among the highest social network usage in the world. Southeast Asia has some of the highest penetration of social network usage among internet users which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Social media usage in the Asia Pacific shows that Asia has become critical to Facebook’s growth, boasting more than 426 million monthly active users and around one-third of all Twitter users can be found in countries within the Asia Pacific. As such, there is no reason for companies and business owners to neglect its power and reach to online users.

    With that being said, Asian audiences tend to have different preference and taste when it comes to marketing.  Using social media for B2B marketing is a common practice however, it should be noted that Facebook is not the only platform Asians are using. For instance, in China the government has blocked access to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The number of online users in China is staggering making it important to reach out to their respective needs as well.   In order to reach customers and prospects on social media in Asia, companies and business owners today need to be aware about these types of foreign-based networks – and the countries where they are most popular.

    Also a company’s virtue and practices can help draw the attention of their online audience. One of the tips on how to start social media marketing in Asia includes being patient. Like all other communications channels, social media marketing requires patience and time for genuine results and progress to be made. Another noteworthy advice is to focus on promoting quality over quantity with regards to the content that you are providing. Social media does not grow overnight and as such, companies in the present need to a focus on longer-term quality content, relationships, and initiatives that will serve their company better in contrast to short bursts of activity, which will be forgotten in a short amount of time.

    For foreign companies who are trying to market to Asian audience through social media, they can get a better understanding on how the market works with the help of Asian artistic groups such as ACM in Sydney. People who have lived in Asia themselves have a better understanding with the Asian market turning them into invaluable assets companies can use today. You can check their Facebook page out to have an overview on their field and craft as well as the type of content that they provide to their followers and clients. This includes articles, news, photos and videos that they share on a frequent basis to their fans. Consider following their social media pages today.

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  • Can Waste Management Marketing Ever Be Attractive?

    The obvious answer is no. Is shit attractive? Is rubbish a turn on? Only for those with special tastes I would think. If I were in advertising, would I imagine, a near naked girl lying on a pile of rubbish at the tip would sell waste management to the public? I don’t think so. Would guys get turned on by that scene? Maybe, but would it lead to them changing their behaviour in relation to their waste management practices? No, they might imagine themselves bonking this chick on a pile of trash, although the smell and the sharp objects may hinder any PB performance, but it does not add up to better waste management.

    Waste management and recycling are better served via marketing, to be promoted through images of clean suburban streets, houses and gardens. Even scenes of nature unpolluted by human activities sends a clearer positive message out to the market. Before and after shots can be constructive in this sphere, dirty urban streets transformed into benign paradises, with children playing in parks. Birds flying around, also, suggest a healthy environment and lots of greenery in the scene. These kinds of images promote better waste management practices.

    Can Waste Management Marketing Ever Be Attractive?

    When responsible adults see children surrounded by trash and filth it upsets them; and so children can be effectively used to stimulate interest in the environment and a healthy ecology. You can juxtapose images of trucks taking away rubbish to waste management centres to communicate the links in the chain. Waste management will never be attractive per se but it can be inserted into scenes of attractive human behaviour, and unspoiled images of nature, to establish a holistic narrative for viewers.

    Poverty is often associated with poor waste management. Poor white trash in America are that section of the population that know no better. That do not know how to look after themselves or their environment; they shit in their own backyard. Waste management marketing can be very primal in its depiction of humanity and socially correct behaviour. Things are not going to get better by themselves; people are going to need to stand up and take responsibility. It all begins with education, really, and training people is often about creating aspirations. Poor people aspire to be rich. Ugly folk aspire to be beautiful. Pollution is ugly and tidiness suggests a more attractive reality. Waste management marketing is built on these basic premises; and promises a brighter future for the inhabitants of communities who comply.


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  • Future Marketing: Wild Psychic Predictions


    Predicting the future is fraught with danger and few get it right. So, what is the future of marketing trends? What wild psychic predictions could one make about what the sleazy and suave worlds of advertising and marketing have in store for us. Currently Americans are being criticised for their overtly sexual and somewhat sleazy approaches to advertising. There is a battle that is forever being played out between the forces of, not good and evil, but ideal and reality, spirit versus material, intellect vs physical, higher vs lower; and marketing reflects this more visually than any other medium.

    Who will win, who will get the upper hand? Will it be the forces of political correctness or the base exploiters of ghetto culture on the streets of the USA? Attitudes to women are firmly in the crosshairs of gun carrying feminists and gun carrying gang bangers; and the gun carrying ad agency people who obviously admire the gangsters. There is a common theme here, if you have spotted it, and perhaps all this gun carrying will be a future marketing trend in the good ole USA. Guns have never been bigger and more prevalent in Hollywood movies and on TV.

    Future Marketing: Wild Psychic Predictions

    The fourth amendment of the American constitution means that guns are gonna be with us for some time. Psychics and clairvoyants may not be seeing all the phallic instruments of destruction that I am seeing; but looking into crystal balls and spreads of playing cards has never seemed all that smart to me. Americans love the movies and the movies reflect their popular culture. Americans solve problems with guns, whether that problem is with aliens and UFOs; a gun will solve it and save the day in their movies. Supernatural creatures like zombies and vampires, no problem, a gun will liberate an innocent American from that seemingly dire situation.

    Sexy women with guns in their mouths and guns near their bums, could be the marketing moves of the future. Gangsters must get their guns out with their hoes, and so; American underwear marketers could have a Magnum stuffed down the wide fronts of Calvin Klein. A bulging package could surprise with a few rounds of ammunition tastefully tucked away. Guns in cleavage and guns with suspender belts and G-strings. Metallic shafts and naked flesh meet in horny anticipation are my wild psychic prediction for the next marketing mega manifestation.

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  • Sleaze Marketing: Same Old Needs but Now in Digital Feeds

    Appealing to the base appetites of men has been an overwhelmingly successful marketing strategy for millennia. Sleaze marketing shows no sign of slowing up in the twenty first century, it has just donned a digital suit. The virtual world of pixels and bytes is alive with pornographic images of bumping, grinding, thrusting and slurping. Sex makes people feel alive; and getting turned on, often, turns back the clock for many. Marketers know that linking sex with their products can make them grow legs and walk out the door.

    Of course, calling something sleaze marketing is a judgement from on high, it means that those condemning the approach as ‘sleaze’ are positioning themselves on the high moral ground. Wowsers and killjoys of all persuasions love to do this to make themselves feel superior. Christians and people of faith, who believe in an invisible entity which has never been reliably seen, tut tut to themselves, and to each other, about falling standards and carnal appetites. There has always been a battle on earth between those aligned with spirit and those with flesh. The idealists and the materialists gnash teeth and bemoan the other as beneath contempt.

    Sleaze Marketing: Same Old Needs but Now in Digital Feeds

    Old-fashioned phone sex still fulfils a need in the community, for those who wish to talk dirty but do not have the opportunity to do it in the flesh. Filth must have its time in the sun; and the commercial sex industry understands this need within humanity. I think, it has something to do with how many people were brought up, and how society has traditionally kept carnal desires in the backroom. When people repress their animal urges, they have to go somewhere, and if they can’t bring them out and show the wife or girlfriend, then, specialised outlets pop up to service and milk them simultaneously.

    You are not going to get everyone in line by enforcing political correctness. They may pretend in public to be towing the line, but in the privacy of their own minds and bodies they will seek out relief and gratification. Sleaze marketing does not turn the good into evil, it merely, engages the unfulfilled and dissatisfied within our communities. The commercial sex industry is getting bigger and bigger in response to more and more political correctness within our social spheres. Sex is shrinking from the public space and expanding in the shadowy world of commercial sex at an equal rate.


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  • Marketing Financial Solutions in The Digital Age

    Let’s face it, everyone is doing everything online these days. So if you have a business offering financial solutions, credit and loans for individuals and businesses, then you need to be marketing it in the digital sphere. Your potential customers are online on their phones, tablets and computers, and this is where they are seeking for financial solutions to their problems. According to recent figures, 80% of people search for information about finance online before they seek institutional advice. Which means digital marketing is vital for firms in the finance game.

    Developing a sound and dynamic digital strategy will enable financial lenders to reach the many and varied parts of their potential market. Not all lenders are the same and not all borrowers are the same. Matching your distinctive products to the right sections of the market will enhance their effectiveness and increase overall profitability. A strong focus on customer needs will provide financiers with the information necessary to attract their business. Some businesses choose to have one website marketing multiple strands of the business to the different types of customers in search of financial products. Other businesses in the financial sector choose to separate their products and pitches with multiple websites and digital identities pursuing niche marketing strategies.

    Marketing Financial Solutions in The Digital Age

    The websites must be user friendly and full of useful information, not bland and generalised. In today’s world customers are more economically savvy than ever before and they want practical information that they can assess. Consumers of financial products appreciate website pages that can calculate rates of interest on loans over the life of the loans, so that they can shop online before talking to company representatives. The more detailed financial information your website can proffer the greater interest and business it will generate.

    The Australian Lending Centre website is a great example of this strategy, with multiple online loan calculators providing visitors with the opportunity to crunch some numbers themselves. Interactivity is a must in the digital space and the finance industry can really benefit from this to generate business. Empowering potential customers will only deepen their involvement in the process. Consolidating debt is now a boom business in western countries around the globe; and a digital presence which invites inspection becomes a trusted ally in the process of debt consolidation. Offering choices and a range of financial products is key to turning enquiries into sales. Expertise and consumer interaction now go hand in hand in the financial marketplace.

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  • 5 Expert’s Tips On Increasing Facebook Ad Conversions

    Facebook ads

    The important thing to remember about Advertising with Facebook is that Facebook thrives on people. The reason anyone uses Facebook is to stay in touch with friends and family, and talk about their shared interests and experiences. When marketing your product through Facebook ads you should try and tap into that, focusing intently on the people that will be interested in your product and ignoring everyone that will not be. In a very real sense, clicking has a lot to do with psychology, so I recommend you check out some of Seth Godin’s books on Audible (50% off promo code) for a more in-depth look.

    Here are 5 Expert’s Tips On Increasing Facebook Ad Conversions

    Understand your audience on a deeper level

    Once you have the perfect advertisement ready, Facebook asks you to “Choose Your Audience.” This is where deep targeting comes in, as understanding your audience on a deep level is what is going to increase your conversions. The first thing they ask you to choose is where you want your advertisement to run. If you are promoting a local business or already have an idea of where you want your ads to be seen, you can submit up to 25 individual places. Facebook even offers the option to advertise within a radius of a specific location, like 25 miles outside of Washington, D.C.

    With the proper amount of research you can specifically target certain ages. To find in-depth demographic information, an excellent free website to use is www.quantcast.com. Here, you simply enter the URL of the website you want to know the demographics of and, if the website is large enough or actively participates in Quantcast, you get detailed results.

    A Deep Dive Into Facebook Advertising

    Target the connections of subscribers on your page

    If you have done a good job building your community, another way to narrow the focus of your ad and further increase your conversions is to target the connections of subscribers to your page. This allows you to pull in more people that may be interested in the offer you have. They might have known you through their friend and will trust you and your offer easily. You can also target people based on their connections to other similar events, applications, or pages.


    Optimizing and reporting

    The only way to learn what works for your marketing campaign is experiment. Create different ads that vary in their presentation and target audience, set them into the world, and watch how they do. Facebook presents very useful information based on the demographics of who clicks your ads, when people are clicking your ads, and how often a particular ad is being clicked, allowing you to course-correct as often as needed. This capability allows you to eventually focus your energies only on what works with what audience and when, instead of constantly guessing.

    Reports are automatically generated by Facebook, you will want to check them at least once every day to pick out a pattern in users’ clicking habits. These patterns are what will dictate how your ads are designed, who they run to, where they run, and when they run.

    The Hidden Meaning of Offsite Conversions from Facebook Ads

    Using Facebook power editor

    Facebook offers a “Power Editor” that allows you to create, manage, and edit large amounts of ads and campaigns, even across differing accounts. This is useful for expanding your reach, community, and product awareness across different pages. Once you have gained experience using the Power Editor, you can begin to exploit some of the features it offers, such as the creation of custom and lookalike “Audiences.” The creation of custom audiences allows you to find offline clients among Facebook users. Facebook uses attributes such as email addresses, phone numbers, or user IDs to make matches, allowing you to find the exact people you want to reach. There is no limit to the amount of audiences you can create.

    Facebook does not allow you to choose more than 25 countries to market to when creating a new ad, nor does Facebook allow you to specify cities or zip codes if you are choosing to market to more than one country. This severely limits your options. In order to get around this, you may want to use the Power Editor, to replicate ads and target locations more precisely.

    Why you should be using Power Editor for your Facebook Ads!

    Target countries that have highest conversion rates in your niche

    Where you decide to run your advertisements is just as important as whom you are targeting. The reason for this if because no matter how targeted you are in your demographics research, if you choose the wrong location it is all for naught.

    For some marketers, this is simple enough. Perhaps you run a business in Buffalo, New York, United States want to only advertise in that area. When designing your ad, under the “Choose Your Audience” tab, write “United States” in the location option, select “City” underneath, type in the city you want to advertise to, and then select whether you want to advertise in the area around the city as well. You have options of a radius of 10, 25, and 50 miles.

    Another way to target locations more specifically is by specifying what languages you want to target. If you have research that indicates your product may do well in certain locations that speak one language, you can further narrow down your search criteria by going into the “Advanced Targeting Options” and typing in what languages you wish Facebook to target.


    Facebook offers extremely powerful ad creation, ad targeting, and ad managing tools for you to excel in growing your business, but it is your responsibility that they are used in the most efficient and effective way possible. Good luck!