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  • Marketing the Oldest Profession in the 21C

    The above title shows just how important good grammar remains for written communication. It could read Marketing: The oldest profession in the 21C. Because marketing is an old profession, but probably not the oldest profession in this new century. Although, there are so many young kids in marketing, they might consider the last decade and a half to be a pretty long time. No, this article is about ‘the oldest profession’ of all time. That profession, which has pandered to the desires of men, outside of the institution of marriage.

    Marketing the Oldest Profession in the 21C

    What is happening in this new enlightened century, when it comes to the marketing of commercial sex, or sex for money, to put it more bluntly. And putting it bluntly is a relevant issue in itself, when it comes to a business historically rich in obfuscation. Perhaps, it is more true to say that the oldest profession has always employed an allusive marketing tone. The ‘oldest profession’ is an allusion in itself, as it seeks to hide the nature of the work. Escorts, ladies of the night, companions, courtesans, working girls, and even prostitute – is from the Latin ‘to set up for sale’.

    Has the marketing of the oldest profession in the world changed much in the 21C? Is it coming out from behind its shady doors, its red-light district, and stating the bald and obvious? Well, pubic hair has been trimmed away from the opening and things are more easily seen these days. The Internet has been responsible for much of this heightened visibility; and many people wish it were not the case. This new, electronic, digital portal in everyone’s home and place of work, has beamed its vigilant eye upon the commercial sex industry.

    The censors of society are rendered unable to screen off the salacious and sex for sale, because the world-wide-web is tough to control. Technology is guiding you to a liaison, if that is what you so desire. You can shop with your fingers online. You can caress a stirring image and enter your credit card details. The Internet has narrow-casted information of a highly sensitive nature directly into your phone or device. Social media channels are advertising hordes of sex workers to punters around the globe. Websites are presenting brothels to their prospective clients in their virtual form. Pick and choose your particular favourites from a bevy of willing and able professionals.



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  • Designing a Gambling Ad to Make a Killing


    The gambling industry is a booming multi-billion dollar business. There is a consistent growth in the gambling market with the increased accessibility of the internet. The industry has fierce competition with hundreds of bookmakers competing in a limited price range and little product differentiation. Business is booming for most bookmakers but if they want to make more profits they need to stay one step ahead of their competition. In this ultra-competitive industry, gambling advertising should stand out from the rest. Designing a gambling ad to make a killing must be an integral part of marketing strategy.

    The gambling industry is spending more than $27.3 million in advertising to condition the mind of the people that punting is normal. Advertising using a wide range of media has proliferated to encourage the public to embrace gambling as a sport.  Gambling advertisements are flooding during ad break on sporting events all trying to attract the public attention. The goal is to let the people spend money to experience the thrill while thinking they might win. The clear target market for most gambling ads is young adult males with spending power. Gambling is branded as activity for successful young professionals.

    Here are some things to consider when designing gambling ads:

    Technically the Advertising Codes prevent young people anyone under the age of 25 to appear in gambling ads. The only exception is when 18-24 years old are the subject of the bet being advertised in a medium where the bet is offered. Websites with transactional facility are included but Twitter doesn’t count. Complying with the Advertising Codes takes skill. Bookies must not leave anything to chance; they must seek advice from the experts. This will ensure that the gambling ad is compliant with different regulators.

    The most common form of gambling ads are broadcast advertising on TV and radio, online pop-ups on internet sites and print ads. One of the most important aspects of advertising is to optimise the ad experience of the viewers. Ads should not annoy the viewers nor disrupt their flow. Ads must be place during natural interruptions in the game. Poor ad placement and integration can limit visibility and engagement.

    Advertising appeal strategies that can be used by bookies include:

    • Winning
    • Social status
    • Humour
    • Thrill and risk
    • Sports fan behaviours
    • Sports celebrity
    • Sexual imagery
    • Adventure
    • Power and control
    • Happiness
    • Patriotism

    Advertising promotional offers for people to make a free bet or bonuses should ensure that significant conditions are clearly explained upfront. Promotional offers must not be ambiguous or misleading. Odds and deposit, wagering and withdrawal requirements must be prominently visible in the ad itself. For banner ad small pop-up the conditions must be easily available within one click.

    Display mobile ads visibly, players must see ads prominently displayed within the main sections of the app. It should not be buried within menus or below the fold. 320×50 banner ad works great on mobile phone in portrait orientation. Use larger images for tablets or apps with landscape orientation.

    Gambling ads must be easy to recall so that people will remember the bookie and place their business with them. Humour, parody and commentary are the elements that can be injected in the advertisement. Commercials should be universal that it’s funny all over the world. Make great gambling ads that are truly memorable that the viewing public whether punters or not just can’t wait to see it again.

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  • Great Promotional Ideas Lead To More Sales


    The key reason why businesses implement any kind of promotional activity is to improve sales. Sales promotion is so important because it can achieve these objectives: reinforce the brand, provide information, create interest, build product awareness, stimulate demand, increase loyalty and the amount of products a customer buys. It is necessary for any business to allocate a budget to promote their business because great promotional ideas lead to more sales. There are many cost-effective ways to implement promotion which provide a bigger increase in sales, all you need is a little creativity. Generate new customer, build patronage and boost your sales with these great promotional ideas:

    This is the most popular type of promotional activity because people love to grab a bargain. Offering a discount every now and then look more attractive to buyers. Price reduction on popular items can lure buyers away from competitors and turn them into regular customers.

    Flash Sale
    Offer price reduction to the general public for a limited time to create a sense of urgency and prompt them to buy. This is a good tactic to get rid of surplus stock. Inform the public of your sale schedule by posting on email, coupon or deal sites and social media.

    Giveaway promotional products
    Everyone loves a freebie. Choose the right promotional items as giveaway to increase brand awareness, boost leads and generate higher sales. Promotional gifts are kept longer by recipients which remind them to buy your products every time they see it. Useful items like personalised coffee mugs, logo-branded shirts, promotional pens, refrigerator magnets and sports bottles are effective promotional products.

    Buy more to save more
    More savings entices the customer to buy more of your stocks without feeling guilty. Giving a discount helps to sell more stock by attracting customers and converting visitors. Customers who buy in bulk can also be rewarded by points that can be converted into cash.

    Social networking
    We are in the digital age, more and more people are searching the web before buying a product. Study shows that people tend to buy products which are endorsed by friends and family through social media. Create business accounts in major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn or niche sites frequently visited by your target market. Be a savvy social networker and promote your business through these social networking sites.

    Holding a contest is an excellent way to generate leads and traffic to your site. Choose a prize your customers can’t resist. Give a coupon to customers when they make a purchase with a code to enter in your lead capture page. Make the mechanics simple and make sure the contest revolves around your business.

    Holiday Promotions
    People spend more around the holidays. Make use of this golden opportunity to promote your brand and sell more products. Entice customers to buy by giving them discounts or special offer. Get creative with your promotions by using the holiday as your central theme.

    Be everywhere
    Brand yourself by wearing your company name and logo. Get you logo tastefully printed or embroidered on shirts and let your employees and loyal customers wear them. They will be your brand ambassadors and walking billboards at minimal cost.

    Offer FREE shipping/ FREE returns
    The word “free” is a magic word that attracts people. Offering free shipping and returns provide customers with a sense of security and assurance that they won’t lose out if they send back the product. Offer free shipping when customer buys over a certain amount and don’t forget to incorporate shipping cost into your product.

    Partner up with complementary business
    Look for related business that you can put together in your packages or services. Teaming up with complementary business let you split the marketing cost and increases your profit. Co-promotion will enable you to offer better prizes at lesser cost.

    Loyalty Points
    Rewarding your customers will help you keep customers and increase the sales of existing products. Give your loyal customer points every time they buy a minimum amount. This point can be used to purchase products or get freebie.

    Reward Program
    Run a reward program to your loyal customers when they satisfy certain criteria such as being a customer for one year or when they refer other people to your business. You can offer discounts on their anniversary or get free items.

    Upselling or product bundle is an effective tactic to increase sales. Highlight your more expensive products when the customer is on buying mood. Train your staff on the power of suggestion, provide benefits or explain why those products are better.

    Give a Guarantee
    Risk prevents people from buying. A guarantee inspires confidence in buyers when they feel-risk free. This highlights your integrity and increases  sales.

    Free Services or Consultation
    Service-based business attracts more customers by offering risk-free consultation or free services. Customers who contact you to try what you offer are already half sold and more likely to try your services compared to cold calling.

    Price Match Promise
    Price match promise is an effective way to promote your brand when there’s a lot of competitor in your area. Allow your customers to shop with you and give them a refund if they get your products or services at a cheaper price. This tactic will help you stay ahead of competition while building a loyal fan base.

    Support a Cause
    Charity donation is a good institutional image building tactic. Supporting a cause gives a positive PR and publicity to your business. Sponsor charitable events or look for opportunities to donate promotional items that are branded by your company name and logo.

    Employee incentive programs
    Inspire your employees by giving them commissions or rewards for selling more. Think of the best suitable corporate incentive for your deserving employees. These will increase their morale and increase their productivity too.

    Sales Promotion for Intermediary
    Partner with your dealers or affiliate marketers to let them sell more of your products. Inspire them with monetary incentive to give them more reasons to push your products than the competing brand. You can offer good commission schemes to build a long lasting relationship with them

    After Sales Service
    Make your customers satisfied with an excellent service and a little extra. After sales services gives your customers a reason to smile and come back for more. Happy customers are repeat buyers and give quality referrals.

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  • Challenges of Advertising for Small Businesses

    We all see the expensive and highly produced advertising campaigns on our television and cinema screens for the latest automobile. With every whistle and bell included to make maximum impact upon the advertising weary viewer. Things explode, beautiful women are successfully wooed, fit young men drop from the sky to free fall down to awaiting sports cars and there is a lot of sound and fury. These cinematic productions are like scenes from a James Bond movie and they cost about the same amount of money to produce. This is the realm of big business and Madison Avenue advertising budgets.

    Challenges of Advertising for Small Businesses

    What about the challenges of advertising for small businesses?  How can they cut through the consumer ennui to make an impact? Well, forget about TV and cinema, because they can’t afford it. As a small business there exists a large variety of challenges getting your business the right amount of exposure through advertising. Here are some great tips that will help your small business launch itself to the next stage of success.

    The Internet may not have been specifically invented with you in mind, but it serves the interests of small businesses better than any other marketing platform. The digital sphere is your bouncing ball small businessmen and women; and you can bounce that ball more economically here than anywhere else. You can have a website, you can have six websites and/or you can have a whole network of websites promoting your products and services. And these will only cost you peanuts in comparison to an ad on television; and they work for you 24 seven. Of course, you need SEO that works and works well, so that your customers can find you.

    Social media is sometimes referred to as Much Ado About Nothing, although I am sure William Shakespeare didn’t have Facebook in mind when he wrote the play. Social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc can all create some level of interest in your product if properly manipulated by someone who knows what they are doing. Professional help with social media management is recommended.

    Traditional marketing for a business like a locksmith or plumber can offer some exposure through the few remaining local newspapers, but this is a dying form of marketing in the long run. Printed stickers, key tags, pens, coffee mugs and the like can still offer some narrowcasting targeted exposure for small businesses. A combination of digital and traditional marketing still remains the best mix for small businesses in the short to medium term.

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  • Big Pharma Advertising: Ethics Are the Casualty

    It is hard not to think that the corporate dollar and advertising rule the roost in America. The evidence is clearly there in how they allow companies to advertise their products to the unwary and the ignorant. It is open slather in the States for Big Pharma to directly advertise their medicines for all sorts of conditions to the general public. Advertising is in the business of selling products and what they are doing in America is creating markets for pharmaceutical products. Big Pharma advertising: Ethics are the casualty.

    Marketeers and advertising executives are creating conditions like Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD), so that pharmaceutical companies can sell products they have developed. Viagra was so successful in terms of unit sales to men, the industry wanted to repeat that success with women; the other half of the population. The best way to sell a product is to convince a section of the market they have a problem that this product will cure. We have seen it with Depression; overnight it became a major problem if people were overly sad or unmotivated. Big Pharma had developed Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), a class of drugs they wished to market as a cure for depression; and so it was suddenly being prescribed by doctors for all those with symptoms of melancholia. There are now children being prescribed these drugs all over the world.

    Big Pharma Advertising: Ethics Are the Casualty

    Big Pharma are as successful in marketing their drugs in countries like Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, despite the tighter advertising regulations in these places. This is because, they engage powerful PR companies who provide news quality footage directly to the television stations and networks in the cities within these nations. When the unsuspecting viewer, watching their nightly news program, sees the footage about the medical breakthrough in the treatment of depression or sexual dysfunction, they think it is a real journalistic piece. When in actual fact it is pure PR produced to look like journalism; and cut-backs to editorial departments in news programs has paved the way for more and more of this deceitful advertising dressed up as editorial.

    Pain relief is another massive Big Pharma lie, with consumers encouraged to believe that these products can relieve pain, when that pain is often a messenger about lack of hydration, poor diet or something more serious. Natural pain relief and natural back pain relief are available without resort to medications. All it requires is a little intelligent investigation into alternatives.


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  • Advertising Work To Your Workers: Give Them SharePoint


    Are your employees lacking initiative, constantly needing direction over almost every task, and generally confused and prone to time-wasting? Give them SharePoint. This web-based application platform is a flexible tool that provides a number of functions and capabilities such as intranet, collaboration, search, CMS, employee directory, blogs, wiki, news and personalisation. Like any other office application, employees can build with it because it can be easily customized to suit their individual needs. Advertising work to your workers is easy with Microsoft SharePoint because it reduces the amount of work your employees have to do everyday while increasing their productivity. SharePoint doesn’t just give them a portal for communicating with each other; it’s been shown to subconsciously engage your employees in thinking more about work. It’s more than just a technology, it’s a business solution.

    Every business is unique with different needs and SharePoint is flexible enough to fit any situation. SharePoint can be implemented to make worker’s lives easier by reducing their workload and increasing their productivity. Proper planning, support and implementation of this tool can be a ground breaking application for your business. If your company has branches in different locations you can greatly benefit from SharePoint implementation because this tool can cross geographical barriers. This tool will allow your employees working in different locations to collaborate and work as if in one place.

    If you already have SharePoint in place, are you having trouble getting your workers to use it? How do you advertise SharePoint to your workers post-deployment? Business owners must understand that SharePoint is not just any software they can set up and hand over to employees. For it to be effective, you need to find out the challenges each employee face and how the platform can help them. SharePoint development and consulting  to be effective must involve your workers. By asking the users of their needs and addressing their concerns can you let your workers know that the tool is set up for their benefit.  Customising SharePoint implementation to meet your workers pain points can have a psychological impact on them because they will feel that the tools are set up for their benefit.

    Get your workers on board from the planning stage and keep them through deployment and beyond. Get the word out and give them the opportunity, suggest how to tweak the tool to fit their needs. It’ll be much easier to advertise to your workers about SharePoint if you’re using the right approach and showing them that your goal is to make their lives easier. Find people who are genuinely interested in the tool and assign them to be SharePoint evangelist. Get them to fully understand the benefits of SharePoint so that they can help train users and answer their concerns. Get your workers to use SharePoint by designing your implementation around their needs, reducing their workload and making their lives easier.

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  • Financial Services Gain From Cool Website Design

    In todays market economy the way an organisation is perceived online effects it financial position. As the old saying goes perception is reality. People buy with their eyes when online. They see the corporate identity that is offered to them via the business as a tool to qualify the professionalism of the organisation and also gage how big and important the organisation is at the same time. Many organisations spend millions of dollars on Advertising agency that create the brands that we see around the big part of town and online.

    One great example of this in action are many of the big banking institutes who provide business loans in Australia they tend to allocate large budgets to their corporate identity. In particular their website that acts as a central pillar of their business out reach strategies. Setting up a cool looking website that is responsive and that works on a large variety of mobile devices is paramount to the acquiring of new customers. Also websites these days need to run really fast due to the small window of opportunity businesses have to capture the prospects attention.

    Very few businesses get their website presence right, however the ones that do are destined to gain from the spoils that the internet provides access too.

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  • Nightlife Websites Connecting Globally In Anti-Sexual Slavery Campaign


    Sexual slavery is the exploitation of people for the purpose of forced sex work. This modern form of slavery is a global problem, there is an estimated 4.5 million people trapped in forced sexual exploitation according to International Labor Organization. Sex slaves fall victim because of violence, threats, debt bondage, lies and other forms of coercion to compel victims to engage in commercial sex acts against their will. Others are tempted with false promises of a job, such as modelling, acting or dancing. Some are forced into commercial sex by their parents or other father family members. Some victims become romantically involved with people who forces or manipulates them in slavery. They may be involved this situation for a few days or weeks, while some remains in the same situation for years. Some of the reasons that keep people in sexual slavery are fear for their life or love ones, others for material gain and the lifestyle that comes with it.

    Sexual slavery not only happen in faraway places like Asia, Africa or Eastern Europe but it happens everywhere. Women make up the largest group of sex slavery victims, followed by youths, and a small percentage of men and boys. The average age of girl victims is 12 to 14. Boys and transgender youth often fall victim between the ages of 11 and 13 on average. Commercial sexual exploitation occurs in a range of venues including massage parlours, spa, residential brothels, escort services, strip clubs, hotels, motels and truck stops. Some sexual slavery is highly visible such as the case of street prostitution  but many remain unseen, operating out of illegal brothels located in unsuspecting neighbourhood.

    The adult industry is at risk for exploitation by the growing business of organized crime. Adult industry workers are the primary target of sexual slavery because of the nature of their job. Victims of sexual slavery are often found working in the adult industry establishments that offer commercial sex such as strip clubs, bars, brothels and pornography production houses operating in the guise of massage parlours, escort services, modelling studios, spas or adult bookstores.

    Michael Ocello, owner of several adult nightclubs founded COAST Club Owners Against Sex Trafficking) to help stop sex trafficking by educating people to recognize sex slavery victim. A number of New York escorts decided to follow suit and work together to help stop sexual slavery. This inspired nightlife websites to connect globally in anti-sexual slavery campaign. Escorts, adult agencies, porn stars, brothels and strippers from around the world are joining together in an effort to try to reduce sexual slavery in the adult industry. To ensure the success of this undertaking, adult industry stakeholders like Perth brothels working together in unity to attain this global objective is important. Visibility is also vital since sexual slavery is illegal and hidden from view. It is imperative to employ the help of trained professionals to work behind the scenes to address the many root cause of the problem – such as poverty, gender inequality, corruption and political will to implement solutions.

    SoroptimistPolaris Project,  BEST Employers Alliance, Breaking Free and Pandora’s Project are just some of the movements that aim to eradicate sexual slavery and human trafficking. Sexual slavery movements like these are pushing hard to make every effort to persuade the world that sexual slavery can be eradicated. There are different strategy used by each organisation but all of them are making substantial progress in ending sexual slavery and human trafficking.

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  • Furniture Store Marketing: SEO Is The Key

    Furniture companies are slowly catching up with the latest innovation and trends found today shifting their attention towards the online community. This is quite apparent especially when you look at furniture stores who have integrated their services over the internet. This results to a need to market furniture store through digital means. Many found SEO to play quite a huge role in promoting their services making them very much sought after today.

    SEO does indeed contribute greatly in making a wide variety of products visible to online users and the same can also be said with regards to the furniture industry. Look up TV Entertainment units over the internet is made fairly easy producing the much needed results in just a couple of seconds. There is much to do for companies to effectively draw out the SEO’s full potential and as such certain SEO strategies exists to help them with their endeavors. Fortunately, SEO tips for furniture product pages are available today which strategies such as focusing on your geographic region. It also introduces the need for product pages to contain substantive content which in turn garner more attention, optimize descriptions to make them more valuable and relevant to your audience. There is also the option to optimize descriptions in an effort to make them more valuable and relevant to the interest and needs of your audience which in turn will result in greatly helping improve one’s page rank.

    SEO page for Furniture Stores also include focus with on-page SEO which is something a number of companies have taken for granted. This aspect includes fundamental elements such as Informative, easy-to-read text, Easy-to-read URLs, Informative title tags as well as Helpful visuals to keep your page more interesting and engaging to your target audience. It is also good to hear that in the present there exists tools companies and business owner can use to further improve upon their online business practice.  3 Tools to help with SEO & Market Validity of your Business consists of the ability to research search volumes with the Google Keyword Planner, the option to study trends with Google Trends as well as the power to scope out the competition via Google Search.

    There are a few SEO guidelines companies can follow without the help of specialists. For instance, the idea behind that consumer always comes first, not becoming absorbed in SEO analysis of your competitors, developing a formula for your product titles and many more. All of this information can be accessed right from the get go making it relatively easy for companies to make use of such knowledge.

    Aside from readily available resources found in the internet today, companies can also benefit greatly with the services marketing agencies provide. Working hand in hand with these companies prove to be quite beneficial as these individuals are able to provide timely as well as relevant information businesses can use to keep the interest of their target audience high and intact. SEO has indeed proven itself effective in marketing furniture industry. More and more online users are leaning towards the use of search engine websites when looking up furniture online. As such, there is no reason for online companies to not implement SEO marketing approach for their business today.

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  • Marketing To Asian Audiences via Social Media

    Social media has been steadily growing in popularity having an active fan base comprising of millions of people all over the world. Social media is used on a regular day to day basis and as such, companies find this a perfect opportunity to promote and market their business on this particular platform. This is quite apparent with many companies shifting their attention towards the social media aspect of their business. How can social media be used in creative ways to appeal to different Asian people from all different nationalities?

    First off, Southeast Asia is considered to be among the highest social network usage in the world. Southeast Asia has some of the highest penetration of social network usage among internet users which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Social media usage in the Asia Pacific shows that Asia has become critical to Facebook’s growth, boasting more than 426 million monthly active users and around one-third of all Twitter users can be found in countries within the Asia Pacific. As such, there is no reason for companies and business owners to neglect its power and reach to online users.

    With that being said, Asian audiences tend to have different preference and taste when it comes to marketing.  Using social media for B2B marketing is a common practice however, it should be noted that Facebook is not the only platform Asians are using. For instance, in China the government has blocked access to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The number of online users in China is staggering making it important to reach out to their respective needs as well.   In order to reach customers and prospects on social media in Asia, companies and business owners today need to be aware about these types of foreign-based networks – and the countries where they are most popular.

    Also a company’s virtue and practices can help draw the attention of their online audience. One of the tips on how to start social media marketing in Asia includes being patient. Like all other communications channels, social media marketing requires patience and time for genuine results and progress to be made. Another noteworthy advice is to focus on promoting quality over quantity with regards to the content that you are providing. Social media does not grow overnight and as such, companies in the present need to a focus on longer-term quality content, relationships, and initiatives that will serve their company better in contrast to short bursts of activity, which will be forgotten in a short amount of time.

    For foreign companies who are trying to market to Asian audience through social media, they can get a better understanding on how the market works with the help of Asian artistic groups such as ACM in Sydney. People who have lived in Asia themselves have a better understanding with the Asian market turning them into invaluable assets companies can use today. You can check their Facebook page out to have an overview on their field and craft as well as the type of content that they provide to their followers and clients. This includes articles, news, photos and videos that they share on a frequent basis to their fans. Consider following their social media pages today.